Beer is forever

Beer goes back a long time, and we go back a long time with beer. It’s the greatest development in civilization — and it’s also one of the first. When they later invented pizza and wings, people said, "You know what these would go good with? Beer.” So, since we opened up back in 1964, we’ve made sure that we always had the perfect beers around to go with our food.

Beer List


Budweiser 150–390 cal.
Bud Light #BUDLIGHT 110–290 cal.
Miller Lite #ITSMILLERTIME 96–260 cal.
Coors Light 102–270 cal.
Michelob Ultra 95–250 cal.
Pabst Blue Ribbon 144–380 cal.
O’Douls 60 cal.


Heineken 140–380 cal.
Corona 150–400 cal.
Negra Modelo 170–450 cal.
Dos XX 140–370 cal.
Stella Artois #STELLA 150–410 cal.
NewCastle 140–370 cal.
Amstel Light 90–250 cal.

Craft and Specialty

Samuel Adams Boston Lager 170–460 cal.
Rebel IPA #REBELIPA 190–500 cal.
Blue Moon #BLUEMOON 160–440 cal.
Blue Moon White IPA 180–490 cal.
New Belgium 140–590 cal.
Sierra Nevada 180–470 cal.

Ask your server about beer sizes and Local and Regional Craft Beer options.

Beer big

The earliest known beer recipes date as far back as 5700 BCE. That predates the development of written language by over 2,400 years. I think we just discovered what solved mankind’s writer’s block.

Beer Education

Never judge a beer by its color! A beer’s color has no effect on its body. Dark beers can have light bodies and yellow beers can have heavier bodies, depending on the ingredients.


Ales tend to be fruity-estery.

Wheat beer
Pale Ale
india pale ale
Brown Ale
Ale logos


Lagers are clean-tasting and “crisp”

Pale Lager
Light Lager
Vienna Lager
Boston's University Good Taste
Lager Logos

Beer and Pizza Pairing

Beer goes with pizza. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not sure, we’ll help you find the perfect beer to go with the pizza of your dreams. Consider us matchmakers.

Basic Cheese

The Basic Cheese
& Goose Island Honkers Ale

This ale’s fruity aroma and malty flavor go great with our tangy mozzarella and legendary sauce. Its soft body also pairs beautifully with our made in-house crust.

Barbecue chicken

Barbecue Chicken
& Bud Light Lime

This light, refreshing lager compliments the bold flavors of onion and cilantro, while the lime gets along great with the tangy BBQ sauce and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.

Classic Pepperoni

Classic Pepperoni
& Goose IPA

Goose Island’s dry body, grapefruit aroma, and fruity flavors expertly emphasize the spice of our freshly sliced pepperoni.

Mama Meata

Mama Meata®
& Bud Light

This legendary American lager’s light body and clean finish almost seem designed to bring out the spice in all that pepperoni, sausage, and ham.


Florentine & Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale

The 312’s creamy body and fruity flavor help to highlight this pizza’s balance of garlic purée, mozzarella, artichokes, and Parmesan.

Five Cheese

Five Cheese
& Shock Top Lemon Shandy

Shock Top’s creamy body contrasts our powerful sauce while its zesty lemon flavor pays respect to our Top 5 favorite cheeses.


& Stella Artois

This European-style lager’s bold, hoppy aroma and subtle, bitter sweetness balance the sweet smokiness of the ham and enhances the tangy sweetness of the pineapple.


& Stella Cidre

The malty and sweet apple flavors perfectly bridge the zest of the feta and manchego cheeses. Oh, and if gluten’s not your thing, order our gluten-free crust.


& Budweiser

Coincidently, Budweiser was introduced around the same time the Margherita hit the scene, and then the king of beers met the queen of pizza. The rest is history.

Beer and pizza logos

Your taste buds are unique and so are our beers. Ask your server which beer are available at your local Boston’s. Images for illustrative purposes. *Basil pesto may contain pine nuts due to shared food preparation. Small sized gluten-free crust available for an additional charge.

Battle of the Beer

Relax, have a beer at Boston’s. Savor it. Admire it. And then decide if it really has what it takes to be the best. Choose your favorite beer from our menu and tweet @BostonsCorp with the hashtag name of your beer.


Take part

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Have a beer at Boston's.

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Ex: “I’m @BostonsCorp and #ItsMillerTime. Cheers!”

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Keep an eye on the photo wall below to see all the thirsty action.

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Does your favorite beer have what it takes to be best? Catch the action here, play by play, beer by beer.

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Beer at Boston’s

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