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It's Time for Patio Season

As our restaurants across the country re-open, we want you to know that safety is our number one priority. While we welcome you back in with open hearts and hungry stomachs, we are also taking enhanced measures of precaution to ensure you and our team members are protected, making your experience with us nothing but enjoyable! It's like a staycation! So come join us if you're ready and if you're still home, we can bring the party to you.

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Escape to Boston’s

Staycation with us this Summer

Enjoy bright, new appetizers and creative, fun Fishbowl cocktails paired with patio season and some of your Boston’s Pizza favorites. We look forward to hosting you!

Escape to Boston's
image of apple crisp flatbread, steak frites, and chili lime shrimp bowl

New Menu. Fresh Start.

All new menu items at Boston’s, including our Keto-friendly Chili Lime Shrimp Bowl, Steak Frites with Truffle Parmesan Fries, and homemade Apple Crisp Flatbread.

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Glad to be a PIZ-ZA your class!

Want to thank the educators and professionals who help facilitate distance-learning and enhanced safety measures in learning on campus? Send them the gift of deliciousness!

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Eat Pizza, Get Rewards

It couldn’t be easier.

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